Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kué Bakery and Cafe

It might seem odd to review Kué Bakery and Cafe for my first blog entry.  Why not a local warung (little restaurant) that serves tasty ayam betutu or write about the amazing range of sambals that Indonesian food can't live without (my favorite is sambal sereh, a delicious mix of fresh lemongrass, shallots, and chiles)?

One reason is that my husband and I have been living in Indonesia for almost 7 months, and need a break from Indonesian food from time to time.  Another is that I love, love pastries and have developed an appreciation for tea since moving to this country.  Yet another is that Kué Cafe has wifi and an inviting space after a quick lunch at a Padang restaurant (I'll review the ones in Ubud later) next door, we headed over to Kué Cafe.

                                          Upstairs Cafe with comfortable seating

                                                Tiramisu and Flourless Chocolate Almond Torte
As soon as you walk into the bakery (1st floor), you're surrounded by display cases full of truffles (7,000Rp), cakes, racks of fresh-baked bread, and rows of croissants (6,000-9,000Rp) waiting to be devoured. After staring at their selection for a bit, we headed upstairs to the cafe (there are a few seats downstairs if you prefer AC).  Nick ordered a chocolate prune cake (12,000Rp) and I had the rose and cardamom custard (13,000Rp).  The prune part of Nick's cake was actually good--this coming from a person who had never eaten prunes before Kué--the chocolate cake part was a bit too dry.  I think the cake had been sitting in the display case for a little too long...completely understandable because I can't imagine people come to Ubud, go to a cafe, then decide to eat chocolate prune cake, esp. when there's the guaranteed deliciousness of chocolate mouse cake next to it.

Chocolate mouse 1, Chocolate prune, 0.

My rose and cardamom custard was tasty -- a silky interpretation of kheer with the slightest hint of rose.  I also had a delicious pot of Earl Grey tea (15,000Rp).  The portions were good; I even thought my custard was too big, halfway convinced myself that I shouldn't finish all of it, but ended up leaving only a tiny spoonful.

Kué also has sandwiches, organic salads, soups, and serves breakfast daily.  They have gluten-free treats and also deliver to homes in the Ubud area, which is nice because there's been crazy rain the last few days.
                                           Friendly Staff at Kué
First post...done.

Kué Bakery and Cafe
Jl. Raya Ubud (Main Street)
Daily from 9:00AM-10:00PM


  1. love the truffles, and gluten free bread!

  2. thank you for the blog. cannot wait to try them on our first trip to Bali.

    Albert - Oz